Booking Software


2020 - Present

I partnered with the founding team at Blush to build a marketplace for on-demand hair and makeup services.

In 8 months, I helped them go from concept to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a full-stack application including web, server, and mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Booking Software

Beauty Broker

2019 - Present

I partnered with the founding team at Beauty Broker to build a modern, gig-based booking platform for the beauty industry.

In 4 months, I helped them go from concept to launch to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with a payments-enabled marketplace that offers dynamic scheduling, geo-location, and other business management features.

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Event Software


2014 - 2019

I founded Myhub in 2014 as a way for friends to plan events, collaborate, and pool money together.

Overtime, we pivoted away from the consumer platform and moved toward a more comprehensive event registration & calendar platform for small-medium sized businesses.

Today, Myhub has 10,000+ users with thousands of events and over $500,000 transacted on our platform.

Booking Software


2016 - 2018

I co-founded Joyrides in 2016 as an online booking platform for the luxury limo and charter bus industries. We designed the customer-experience with a reverse-auction bidding system (similar to Home Advisor) so a customer could enter their trip details on our platform and local operators could bid on their business.

Today, Joyrides powers dozens of bookings per week with several prominent operators using our dashboard to manage their day-to-day operations.

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Ski Lift Designs


I joined Ski Lift Designs at an early stage when they didn't have a website and most their sales came from a PDF handout and word-of-mouth.

In a few short months, I helped their team create a brand identity starting with a logo and style guide. We followed that up with a Shopify e-commerce website, product photography, marketing materials, and more.

Today, Ski Lift Designs has sold over 100 chairs and been featured in several prominent publications.

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2016 - 2018

I joined the Denver Active 20-30 Children's Foundation in 2016 and supported them for several years as Chief Technology Officer.

During my tenure, I helped revitalize the DA2030 website and automated several aspects of their communications and fundraising strategy.

When I left DA2030, I'd helped consolidate their platforms and cut technology costs by half what we were previously spending. At the same time, we grew our audience by more than double and increased our fundraising revenue significantly via our events.

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KBS Golf Shafts

2009 - 2014

I started my career with KBS Golf Shafts in Customer Service and later ascended to Director of Marketing. In my final year, I oversaw a $500k marketing budget and was involved in several aspects of our company including product development, marketing, and sales.

During my tenure, the KBS brand grew to over 25% market share with relationships at every OEM and over 2,000 fitting professionals across the golf industry.

Today, KBS is a recognized leader in the golf industry with several of the top 10 players in the world (such as Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose, and Phil Mickelson) using our products to compete on the PGA Tour.

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